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The InnerText attribute in Html returns all text including children. How do I replicate this with xpath?

For example with the following xpath:


I am trying to match


but also what to find


In both cases the root span inner text is "mycooltext".

I realize the normalize-space will strip some of the spaces.

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Try using the descendant-or-self axis

//span/descendant-or-self::*[normalize-space() = 'my cool text']

Note that normalize-space won't remove the spaces between the words

Demo here - http://www.xpathtester.com/obj/fdbdafbe-22a5-4fac-a249-30c92dcb143a

If you really need to match the text with all spaces removed, this seems to work...

//span/descendant-or-self::*[translate(normalize-space(), ' ', '') = 'mycooltext']

Demo - http://www.xpathtester.com/obj/e893f3e1-6d57-445c-9802-d7525bcd6b31

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