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I’m using wxPython to write an app that will run under OS X, Windows, and Linux. I’m trying to implement the standard “Close Window” menu item, but I’m not sure how to find out which window is frontmost. WX has a GetActiveWindow function, but apparently this only works under Windows and GTK. Is there a built-in way to do this on OS X? (And if not, why not?)

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Isn't it the case that the window that has the menu is the only window that can be receiving the close window menu event that you are processing? IE in order to activate "close window" the user already had to bring this window to the front, so ... this is the one you have to close? –  GreenAsJade Jan 24 at 9:05
@GreenAsJade I don’t think that’s correct. When I open a window as a child of the main window (the one with the menu bar), the menu bar is still visible on screen and accessible with keyboard shortcuts. –  bdesham Jan 24 at 14:36
But in any case, if they operate "close window" option of a menu on a window, then they are chosing to close that window. It would strike me as strange to operate a menu item called "close window" to close some other window. That doesn't sound to me like "standard Close Window" behaviour. –  GreenAsJade Jan 26 at 12:05
@GreenAsJade I’m talking about OS X, where there’s only one menu bar per application. (You can show different menu bars for different windows, but in my case I’m choosing not to.) Therefore there is one “Close Window” menu item, and choosing it should close whichever window is frontmost. –  bdesham Jan 26 at 15:56
Got it - let me think about that :) It needs thought because the window that is foremost is up to the window manager (OSX in this case). I'm not even sure yet why I haven't had this problem myself :) –  GreenAsJade Jan 26 at 21:47

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What about having a Close/Exit app menu item and use: http://wxpython.org/Phoenix/docs/html/PyApp.html?highlight=gettopwindow#PyApp.GetTopWindow

to call its Close method.


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I tried this on OS X and it doesn’t seem that the “top window” this method returns is what I want: it always returns my application’s main window. (Perhaps because the main window is the owner of every other window in the application?) –  bdesham Apr 17 at 16:19

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