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I have Windows Server 2008R2. IIS 7. First of all, I can't manage FTP with IIS 7 Manager, but IIS 6 Manager, so I'm not sure if FTP is 6 or 7. (If you can help me with this problem too, I'd be thankful)

I configured a FTP Site with no-anonymus. Then checked "FTP Server" exception on Windows Firewall. I have no other firewalls installed.

When trying to access FTP site from another PC (in local network) got the authentication prompt and then Error 425: Can't Open data connection. In this link it says it's a firewall exception problem. But the exception is already configured!

So I tried to turn-off firewall, and It worked! Please I need help to make it work with firewall turned on. Localhost connection works both with firewall turned on and off.

Thanks, Ronald

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FTP has active mode and passive mode and the two requires completely different firewall settings, en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ftp Thus, you need to learn how to identify which mode is used and then review your firewall settings. This belongs to ServerFault.com. –  Lex Li Jan 22 at 9:58

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