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If I add C:\Program Files (x86)\WinMerge to the User PATH variable(by right click on computer -> advanced system settings -> environmental variables), once I open a new cmd shell WinmergeU.exe is not recognized. If I add that path to the System PATH variable, WinmergeU.exe is correctly recognized instead. I though there was no difference between User and System, beside the fact that if I set it on System all the users will see it, while the User PATH is local. Am I doing something wrong?


In the follow you can see first the case in which C:\Program Files (x86)\WinMerge is added to the System PATH variable (but not to the User), then when it is added to the User PATH variable (but not to the System). In the first case Winmerge window launch correctly (not shown) and as you can see the path is shown by the echo %PATH% command. In the second case it does not launch and the path it is not shown by echo %PATH%. (note that I clearly confirmed with OK and closed the environmental variable windows before taking these screenshots, and I opened a new cmd right after changing PATH and pressing ok). This issue might be related to my question here (Does echo %PATH% expand to only the system or also the user variables?) but since it might not be I posted two different question.



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It shouldn't make any difference. Please post the full path as seen by the command shell (use the path command and copy-and-paste). –  Harry Johnston Jan 21 at 22:40

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You must be getting something wrong, or have environmental problems with your machine. Adding a user PATH environment variable does result in it being merged into the environment of a new process.

Update: Perhaps this comment from the MSDN topic on environment variables might be pertinent:

Found out that on Windows Server 2003, once the system PATH passes 1920 characters, the user PATH environment variable is no longer merged with it to set the process PATH environment variable, even though the full system PATH (even if larger) will be included in the process PATH variable.

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I posted the screenshots. It makes a difference in my computer. –  Alberto Jan 21 at 23:08
Then you are doing it wrong, or your OS is broken. Works fine here and on every other machine I've ever used. Perhaps it doesn't help that your path is so long. But I don't expect that's really the problem. –  David Heffernan Jan 21 at 23:10
I am not doing wrong... I did it three times...I confirmed with OK and closed the environmental variable windows before taking the screenshots, and I opened a new cmd right after changing PATH and pressing ok, and I reopened the environmental variable window only for taking the screenshot. I dont see what I can do wrong. Echo %PATH% only displays System PATH. –  Alberto Jan 21 at 23:14
OK, my latest update might help –  David Heffernan Jan 21 at 23:22
Bingo! Yes I just found it out myself after you pointed out that the path was too long. Getting rid of some entry solves the problem. So annoying. Thanks –  Alberto Jan 21 at 23:37

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