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What is the simplest way to substring character that already appear on the line ?

Is that possible to do this with function (means no VBA) ?

More information :

If I have cells like

   *A* *B* *C* *D* *E* *F*
  |        DATA           |  RESULT    |
1 | A | B | C |   | E | F |       D
2 | C |   |   |   | E | F |       ABD

Is there a function that can give this result :

fx("ABCEF", "ABCDEF") returns D
fx("CF", "ABCDEF") returns ABDE

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I doubt the simplest way (or at least not the shortest), but certainly possible without VBA:

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simpliest sound cute... but good spelling is simplest :o) The function was missing in my formula was ISERROR() –  Manu Feb 6 at 14:56

Try this small UDF:

Public Function WhatsLeft(LittleString As String, BigString As String) As String
    WhatsLeft = BigString
    For i = 1 To Len(LittleString)
        c = Mid(LittleString, i, 1)
        WhatsLeft = Replace(WhatsLeft, c, "")
    Next i
End Function
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It is possible that a complex formula acting as an array may be able to do this - but on a coding site, I'd keep it simple and run a VBA UDF

Sub Test()
Debug.Print Updated("ABCEF", "ABCDEF")
Debug.Print Updated("CF", "ABCDEF")
End Sub


Function Updated(strRep As String, strIn As String)
Dim objRegex As Object
Set objRegex = CreateObject("vbscript.regexp")
With objRegex
.Pattern = "[" & strRep & "]"
.Global = True
Updated = .Replace(strIn, vbNullString)
End With
End Function
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