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I have this little problem i cant remember how to do !

So i am makeing a game in unity in c# .

I have this Static Data script where i store all my values for like hitpoint or Health and stuff , to keep all organized.

and then i have this other script where i want to use some of the date from the statchanger script i have.

but every time i want to use a value from the staticDate script i have to write this looooong line. and i know it is possibel to make an varibel Id so i can just use that instead of the long line of code every time.

Like right now i am doing a method to calculated a random number, and from my statchange i have and enum with stages and an array of the 3 diffrent stages low medium and high. low contains an array with the value 10... and medium 50 and high 100.

So depending on where in the game the player is .. the Random generator method will see what enum type to take what value to get an random number from,,

So i want it just to test it out to use the low stat with the number 10.

so i would have to type out


How do i put this into an varibel in my RandomValueGenerator script so i just have to type the the name of the ID+lowValue " to save time not haveing to tyoe out the hole path every time i wanted to get that value from the staticDatabase "Script"

I realy hope someone can help me out here , for somereason i can't remeber how to do this

Kind Regards


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