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When i'm creating a menu with DIVs and animating it with JS, I found myself copying/pasting the same JS and CSS codes for every button of the menu. Is there a way to create the animation JS code and the CSS style code once, and call them when needed for any button I may have on my website?

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Modularize your code by pulling the animation to a function and then apply it to all buttons (or anything) of a particular class. Like this:

Example in a fiddle: http://jsfiddle.net/agconti/9299P/


<button class="my-btn-class"></button>


.my-btn-class {
  /* no stylings just a target*/


  function myAnimation(btn) {
     //do stuff to btn
         opacity: 0.25,
         left: "+=50",
         height: "toggle"
     }, 5000, function () {
         // Animation complete.
     $(function () {
         $(document).on("click", ".my-btn-class", function (e) {

you can paste your js animation inside the myAnimation function. that way every button with the class my-btn-class will do the same animation when clicked. It's a best practice to modularize code that you continue to reuse through out your site. This way that code can be easily maintained because it's all in once place.

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