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Can anyone point out a good many-to-many database tutorial for CodeIgniter.

Just trying to work out the process of creating, and then updating a many-to-many relationship. My example uses a multi-select of values, wondering how you take care of monitoring changes on update etc.

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I'd like to share what I do in my application. This is basically same with my answer in this question.

  1. After user submit, and before entering to database, I will fetch the existing data in the database into an array. Example: $collection = array('111', '112', '113', '114'); (This is just for example. In real, it should fetch from database then put the value to array)
  2. I will check the new user input in two step. First step is to see if it already in the database or not. If it not, then insert. Otherwise ignore:
    foreach ( $inputs as $input )
      if ( ! in_array($input, $collection) )
        //do insert here

Then in second loop, I do it in reverse, to delete the data that not selected by user.

foreach ( $collection as $data )
  if ( ! in_array($data, $inputs) )
    //do delete here

In your case, you might or might not need the second loop. I needed this since I make the input as checkboxes, that the user can choose to activate / deactivate, thus I translate it as insert and delete.

Since you will implement it using multi-select, then basically it's same with my checkboxes.

If you have structure or code example, feel free to share it, and I will help you fine tune it (of course with my style, that might or might not optimized yet).

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thanks. awesome. i was thinking it might have to be something like this, but was shying away from it. in the end i have gone for a much simpler, delete all associations, reinsert associations. however once i finish the app, i will go back and factor this back in. –  user137621 Jan 24 '10 at 23:03

The codeigniter from scratch series will cover almost anything you want to know about the framework


hope that helps. there are 7 to date btw

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cheers for this, will take a look. i am hoping they cover many-to-many. –  user137621 Jan 24 '10 at 23:02
I would recommend to look elsewhere for CodeIgniter tutorials/learning etc. The examples on nettuts aren't the best and Jeffrey Way doesn't seem to grasp the framework quite well enough to be teaching others in my opinion. Instead I would recommend you read: amazon.com/CodeIgniter-professional-development-Adam-Griffith/… –  George May 29 '11 at 17:04

This website has some tutorials for many to many. It uses doctrine though.


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doctrine is next on my list, but right now i am too new to codeigniter and databases in general to take it to that next level. i.e. want to get my mind round the basics first. –  user137621 Jan 24 '10 at 23:01

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