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I am trying to set the session from a property in the mongodb. I have this working locally, but after deploy I get this error in the console, and a white screen of death.

Exception from Deps recompute: TypeError: Cannot read property 'siteTheme' of undefined

// helper
Handlebars.registerHelper("site", function(){
      host =  headers.get('host');
      theSite = Site.findOne({'domain': host});
      theme = theSite.siteTheme;  
      // Problem - Works locally, not deployed with mup.
      // Exception from Deps recompute: TypeError: Cannot read property 'siteTheme' of undefined 
      Session.set("theme", theme); 

      return theSite;

// Add theme class to html

siteTheme0 = function(){
siteTheme1 = function(){
siteTheme2 = function(){
siteTheme3 = function(){

// Change theme on change to db

Deps.autorun(function (c) {

  if (Session.equals("theme", "1")){
  else if (Session.equals("theme", "2")){
  else if (Session.equals("theme", "3")){
  else {
    Session.set("theme", "0");
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Open the mongo console and make sure that there is actually data there. If there is no data where 'domain':host, nothing will be returned, which causes your error. To do this, open a terminal in your project directory and type in meteor mongo to access your mongo shell. –  mjkaufer Jan 22 '14 at 4:21
Unrelated but maybe worth pointing out that the host, theSite, and theme vars in your handlebars helper function will end up being global variables. Probably not good. You should prefix them with var. –  Sean Jan 22 '14 at 4:27

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This is one of the most commonly encountered problems with meteor. Your collection data isn't ready when your helper is called (or it doesn't exist), so Site.findOne returns undefined and you can't access siteTheme of undefined. See my answer to this question. Basically you just need to add some kind of guard or return statement and assume the data may not be ready. For example:

Handlebars.registerHelper("site", function(){
  var host = headers.get('host');
  var theSite = Site.findOne({'domain': host});
  if (theSite) {
    var theme = theSite.siteTheme;
    Session.set("theme", theme);
    return theSite;

If the rest of your code is written properly, your template should render again as soon as the data is ready.

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That was exactly what I was missing, the wait for the collection to be ready. –  bmx269 Jan 22 '14 at 4:52

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