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I have a set of points extracted from an image. I need to join these points to from a smooth curve. After drawing the curve on the image, I need to find the tangent to the curve and represent it on the image. I looked at cv2.approxPolyDP but it already requires a curve??

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You can build polyline, if order of points is defined. Then it is possible to simplify this polyline with Douglas-Peucker algorithm (if number of points is too large). Then you can construct some kind of spline interpolation to create smooth curve.

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If your question is related to the points being extracted in random order, the tool you need is probably the so called 2D alpha-shape. It is a generalization of the convex hull and will let you trace the "outline" of your set of points, and from there perform interpolation.

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A picture would be helpful to tell if a simpler approach is possible –  Yves Daoust Jan 22 at 8:53

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