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I have two file File1.txt, File2.txt. Searching string from one file and checking it in the other file. File 1:

  <p>Texas, Florida, New York</p>
  <p>Cambridge, Oxford, Liverpool</p>

File 2:

 <p>UK Cities: Cambridge, Oxford, Liverpool</p>
 <p>test content</p>
 <p>test content</p>
 <p>US States: Texas, Florida, New York, California</p>

I tried with the below code, it doesn't work. Any help much appreciated.

open fhr, "<file1.txt";
my @line;
@line = <fhr>;
my $content;
for (my $i=0; $i<=$#line; $i++)
  if ($line[$i]=~m/<p>(.*)<\/p>/)
    $content = $1;
    open fhr1, "<file2.txt";
    my @array;
    @array = <fhr1>;
    for (my $k=0; $k<=$#array; $k++)
      if ($array[$k]=~m/<p>(.[^:]*): $content<\/p>/)
        print "Yes the search content present in file2";
        print "No search content in file2";
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You could do something like this.

A few things before we start.

  • The more perl-ish way to iterate over an array would be: for my $thing (@things) {. Not for (my $i = 0; $i < $size; $i++) {

  • Start iterating over your file line by line as in my example below over my @array = <FH>;, which reads the entire file into memory.

  • Always use strict; use warnings;

  • Check out some other modules if you're going to be parsing HTML

Example -


use strict;
use warnings;

my $file1 = array_from_file("file1.txt");
my $file2 = array_from_file("file2.txt");

for my $str1 (@$file1) {
    print "matched $str1\n" 
        if grep { /$str1/ } @$file2;

sub array_from_file {
    my ($filename) = @_;
    my @array;

    open my $fh, "<", $filename or die $!;
    while (my $line = <$fh>) {
        chomp $line;
        my ($wanted) = $line =~ /<p>(.*)<\/p>/;

        push @array, $wanted;
    close $fh;

    # return array ref
    return \@array;
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Its working great, but I would also like to grep the content before the matched string like "UK Cities:", "US States:". Is it wrong to Checking searched content line by line using for loop? –  Senthil Jan 22 at 8:53
@Senthil - You can add more strings to grep no problem. It is best to use a while loop to iterate over files as in my example. A for loop reads the entire file into memory before iterating over each line. –  chrsblck Jan 22 at 16:30

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