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I wrote a bash script that at one point automates the installation of some software on a remote host, like so:

ssh user@remotehost "<path>/install-script"

Where install-script is a bash script. That bash script at some point calls another bash script, which at some point calls an interactive python script, which then uses python's raw_input() function to gather user input.

When I run the install script normally (from a bash shell), it prompts for and accepts input perfectly fine. However, when the above piece of code from my script runs, I get no prompt until after I type the input.

The only script I really have control over is my automation script.

I have read this question: "Python - how can I read stdin from shell, and send stdout to shell and file." However, I have no problem running in a normal bash shell, only via a remote command over ssh.

Can this issue be fixed from within my script (and if so, how?), or would I have to modify the python script?


To clarify, the input prompts I am referring to are the prompts from the python script. I am not entering a password for ssh (the remote host has my public key in it's authorized_keys file).


For further clarification, my script (bash) is calling the install script (bash) that calls another bash script that finally calls the python script, which prompts for user input.

i.e. bash -> bash -> bash -> python

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You need to use subprocess.Popen or a ssh lib in order to achieve the input part. –  Torxed Jan 22 at 7:24
Something along the lines of the code in my issue: stackoverflow.com/questions/20472288/… –  Torxed Jan 22 at 7:25
I'm aware, however the code in my problem handles input/ouput of a script via SSH. Note the elif 'are you sure you want to continue connecting' in lower: which is a example of when i give input back to the remote prompt. I've used it on remote installation scripts requiring some form of action/input from the user. –  Torxed Jan 22 at 7:37
So you are saying that I would have to modify the python script (the one that is prompting), rather than my bash script? –  rom58 Jan 22 at 7:45
I might have mixed things around, I assumed the calling script was Python and that the remote script was bash->bash->python. But you're saying your calling script is bash? –  Torxed Jan 22 at 7:46

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