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Only one of my many session variables on the cart page of my e-commerce application is getting destroyed somehow. When i add the product to the cart along with a session id, it creates an order_id(using some hash and salt logic) and puts it in session variable and when i go to the cart page it queries the DB based on both order_id and session id to fetch the products in the cart. For the first time it fetches the records, but immediately after it if i reload the page it gets an empty order_id. I'm pulling my hair on this as to how only one of the session variables is getting flushed.

It is happening on the web-server only but works totally fine on localhost

My add_to_cart.php (Session Logic)

    $_SESSION['sessid'] = session_id();

    $user_sessid = $_SESSION['sessid'];

  $ip = get_ip_address();


    $ip = get_ip_address();
    $with_time = strtotime("now");
    $addsalt = substr(md5($ip.uniqid($with_time,true)),0,15);
    $_SESSION['order_id'] = $addsalt;

 $order_id = $_SESSION['order_id'];

My cart.php (Session Logic Only)

 $user_sessid = $_SESSION['sessid'];
 $order_id = $_SESSION['order_id'];

 $userid = $_SESSION['user_id'];


 $r_type = 1;   

select od.ipaddress, od.modified_ts, od.product_id,od.discount,od.quantity,p.id,p.name,p.price, p.img_dir,p.img_name from orders od, products p where od.order_id='$order_id' and od.user_sessid='$user_sessid' and od.product_id = p.id

} else {
$r_type = 2;

select uc.modified_ts, uc.product_id,uc.discount,uc.quantity,p.id,p.name,p.price, p.img_dir,p.img_name from user_cart uc, products p where uc.userid='$userid' and uc.product_id = p.id


 $num1 = $r1->num_rows;

When i'm echoing out the query on immediate reload of the cart page it is getting an empty order_id.

I'm wondering my head off as to how this weird thing is happening. Please help...

Update I am including a file on top of both the pages which has session_start on top of it and therefore it explains the user_sessid being created and used.

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session_start() is missing on every page. - php.net/manual/de/function.session-start.php –  Y U NO WORK Jan 22 at 8:19
Is this problem in every browser or only in Chrome? If it is related to chrome make sure you include the favicon. –  Perry Jan 22 at 8:21
@Perry i thought of this but it is giving the same thing in firefox as well. –  coder101 Jan 22 at 8:22
Could we possibly see the contents of the file you're including that starts your sessions? Is it the same file executing in the same way for both pages? –  dartacus Jan 22 at 8:28
@coder101 We're all asking the same thing because it's good practice to look at all of the code involved in an issue. It could be something as simple as a typo - I've had that happen dozens of times. We want to help but can't if we can't see the whole thing. –  dartacus Jan 22 at 8:33

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You may need to add session_start() to the top of the file.

Edit: You said you were querying on the session id and order id, but you also have

and od.product_id = p.id 

at the end of your query. Where is this logic? I'm guessing that you are using a $_GET request or something similar to determine the product ID. Maybe this has something to do with your issue, possibly just remove it from the query? You should only need to use 1 unique key for your SQL query, especially as unique as the hash you're creating.

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Well, no offence but i do know that and i'm including the functions file on both the pages which has session_start on top of it and which explains the session_id not emptying. –  coder101 Jan 22 at 8:20
@coder101 I wasn't thinking that you didn't know, I just didn't see it as part of the code. –  natewiley Jan 22 at 8:27
@coder101 see edited answer –  natewiley Jan 22 at 8:34
and od.product_id = p.id is being used to group the products in the results fetched and i'm simply joining the two tables with the product_id hence this part. but how do you explain that only one session variable is getting destroyed and not all of them –  coder101 Jan 22 at 8:42

An obvious point, but check you're definitely calling session_start() on both pages?

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Please check the update part of my question. –  coder101 Jan 22 at 8:22

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