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I'm using the stage command of sbt-native-packager to generate a start script for my application. The start-script template uses


to find bash, but I'm on FreeBSD, thus my bash is in /usr/local/bin/bash. Is there a workaround for this that is any more convenient than invoking bash with the script filename as its argument, or editing the script each time it's regenerated?

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The simplest way is to override template. Just put copy of original template with appropriate changes in src/templates. But notice that this feature available only in 0.7.0-M1.

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Works; thanks!! –  Adam Mackler Jan 22 '14 at 20:32
I notice that #!/bin/bash is now #!/bin/env bash. I don't know the reason for the change, but it solved the problem for me so thanks! At least until a malicious hacker installs a trojan horse named bash in my path :) –  Adam Mackler Mar 20 '14 at 21:54

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