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With fortran-iso-c-binding I can interface C functions and get variables of types like


But in the rest of a program I would like to use basic types (simply because I do not want to replace many real variables with real(c_float) variables just because of one interface function)

Is there a safe, platform/compiler independent and reliable way how to cast fortran-iso-c-binding types back to fortran (primitive) types? equivalent to REAL()

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The REAL intrinsic is what you want. Or equivalently, simple assignment.

REAL(C_FLOAT) :: r_c
REAL :: r_default
r_default = r_c

If the value being converted is out of range for the destination kind, your program is non-conforming.

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REAL intrinsic documentation - section Arguments states that argument "Shall be INTEGER, REAL, or COMPLEX". –  Peter Jan 22 at 9:41
An object declared REAL(C_FLOAT) :: x is an object of type REAL. You can use the REAL intrinsic function to convert between different kinds of real. Assignment does the equivalent thing, by definition. –  IanH Jan 22 at 9:56

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