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Please Help, the photo gallery of my website was denied in my defense because it uses google+ for uploading photos, can anyone suggest or give me script or tutorial on making a photogallery with albums and CMS. Please help.PLEASE.

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This is OT for SO, so it'll probably be RIP ASAP but FWIW I use gallery3 for back-end image database stuff. It's very customizable - although it takes a little while to see how. –  Strawberry Jan 22 at 9:24
it doesnt work on windows –  user3196424 Jan 22 at 9:36
@Strawberry "database"? Didn't you mean "DB"? –  Mr Lister Jan 22 at 14:42
@MrLister :-) Slipped up, I mean SNAFU - sorry –  Strawberry Jan 22 at 15:09
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