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I am writing a program which will print host, channel number, id number, lun of a SCSI device.

cat /proc/scsi/scsi 

giving the information about it. But i want print it through c program. I'm getting vendor id, device type, revision level... but not lun , bus no etc.

Is there any ioctl command to get lun, bus, id numbers?

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Did you try the ioctls for SCSI generic : ?

SCSI_IOCTL_GET_IDLUN, SG_GET_SCSI_ID should do the trick.

I did not use any SCSI HW in the last years though, and I hope the documentation is still valid for current kernels. I don't see any reason to have changed the ioctls though.

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no. but what is the 3rd argument? – SGG Jan 22 '14 at 9:59
thanks. thanks a lot – SGG Jan 22 '14 at 10:01

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