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I'm trying to translate a MySQL query to JPA.

I'm using MySQL5 and EclipseLink 2.4.2.

Here's the MySQL query :

SELECT s.id, s.startDate, CAST(GROUP_CONCAT(DISTINCT s.endDate ORDER BY s.date DESC) AS DATE) endDate
FROM table_s s
GROUP BY s.id, s.startDate

id and date are primary key. They are represented by an embeddable id in JPA and fields are also readable in the entity (insertable/updatable = false).

Here's the JPA query :

SELECT s.id, s.startDate, SQL('CAST(GROUP_CONCAT(DISTINCT ? ORDER BY ? DESC) AS DATE)', s.endDate, s.date) AS endDate
FROM EntityS s
GROUP BY s.id, s.startDate

The current issue is that the generated sql query does not include s.startDate for a reason I don't know.

If I simply change the code to SELECT s.id, s.startDate, s.endDate, it's working... but I really need to get the last endDate.

I tried MAX(s.endDate) but actually it does not give the last value (even if it currently works, it's not correct and can send a wrong result)

If someone got an idea or a solution, I would be pleased.

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Ok, I made it otherwise :

SELECT s.id, s.startDate, s.endDate
FROM EntityS s
AND s.date = (
    SELECT MAX(s.date)
    FROM EntityS s2
    WHERE s2.id = s.id
    AND s2.startDate = s.startDate
    AND ...
GROUP BY s.id, s.startDate
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