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I would love to be able to have a common set of Classes in my root App_Code folder, which is how we are set up right now. However, it doesn't make sense to put specific code there for some application residing in a sub directory.

  • Root Folder
  • App_Code
    • SubDirApp1
      • App_Code
    • SubDirApp2
      • App_Code

We currently have each production application in it's own "Root" folder with it's own application pool. Then we just mirror the main root App_Code folder there.

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Personally if you have a common set of classes referenced by multiple assemblies/applications I would compiled those into a .dll file then add them as a reference rather than duplicating source code in an app_code folder.

This is in my opinion a prime case for building a class library, it is really what they were designed for!

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