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Besides ASP.NET MVC's obvious conventions, what libraries do you take advantage of that minimize boot strapping, mapping objects, data access and such? I want to spend more energy developing domain logic as opposed to dealing with the details of object persistence (for example).

I have used StructureMap and NHibernate in the past to great effect. Are there other tools or other libraries I should consider that further streamline the process?

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You can write own core of project using:

  • NHibernate - data access
  • StructureMap - IoC, bootstrapping
  • ...

that like you want or simply use one:

S#arp Architecture

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You can check out this example: (it is based on S#arp Architecture framework). I haven't actually tried it but I do use a lot of the mentioned libraries myself, and it got very good feedback in S#arp google groups.

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Sure MS Entity Framework. It's official part of .NET and in version 4 (RTM comes with .NET 4.0 in April) supports secondary keys and using UDF as part of LINQ sequence run on server side. And sure, is supported by Visual Studio .NET.

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We are very, very happy users of Autofac, NHibernate + FluentNHibernate :-) But to switch from StructureMap to Autofac or vice verca does not make difference. One of the next libraries I like to check out is AutoMapper.

FluentNHibernate + Schema generation is very worthwhile.

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