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I am new to Yii framework, so need some help to rewrite my php/soap web services in yii. I have found out that Yii provides CWebService for this purposes.

I have created soap server like this before:

$server = new SoapServer("WebServiceWSDL.wsdl");



function myfunction(){ ...

How can I use CWebService? Some assistance with simple example would be useful to get started.

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try something like this

        class WebServicesForUserController extends Controller

           public function actions()
              // here you need to mention the class for the web service
                return array(
                        'class'=>  'CWebServiceAction',
        // these comments are used by Yii to create wsdl for you. The following functions is a webservice
                 * @return datetime this is the current timestamp of the server
                 * @soap
                public function giveTimestamp()
                    $query='select current_timestamp();';
                    $record=  Yii::app()->db->createCommand($query)->queryScalar();
                    return $record;

    // this action is created to consume the webservice.
If you will visit this action then you will get the timestamp which is sent to you as a webservice response

             public function actionLets()
                   ini_set ( 'soap.wsdl_cache_enable' , 0 ); ini_set ( 'soap.wsdl_cache_ttl' , 0 );
                    $client=new SoapClient($wsdlURL);
                    echo $result;


Note:-If you want to see the wsdl just go to the url in your browser which you used to create soap object

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How to use CWebService with my own wsdl? Could you give example? – jCloud Jan 22 '14 at 13:07

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