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I have an app on cakephp. I want to integrate it with mailchimp. What I want is to import user information from my database (email, name etc) on mailchimp (i know this could be possible via their api) but except the user details I also want to import more detail (e.g: client's order details from my app database.. etc). In a nutshell, what I exactly want is to import user details and their order details somewhere at mailchimp and by using their dashboard manually schedule emails for particualr users. Is this possible ?

p.s: I know I can use their api t integrate mailchimp with my app. But what I want is to upload data and use mailchimp dashboard for this scenrio


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Take a look at Mailchimp - but your question is too broad and not specific enough. –  mark Jan 22 '14 at 13:30
Thanks mark. I just want to confirm is it possible to use their dashboard (the scenario I mentioned) rather using their api and do this from my cakephp app? –  ManinGreen Jan 22 '14 at 13:35

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Their dashboard isn't going to be a great fit for this. It's not really designed to give you a ton of client data. You'd be better off just making your own dashboard that leverages their API for sending emails.

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