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I have a requirement of tracking vehicles. For which I have to perform route tracking as well (checking if a vehicle is moving at preselected route or not). Can you suggest the best way to do it?

A way which I can think of is getting a polygon covering route generated by google directions. This polygon may leave margin of about 50m around the route. I can get polyline from route suggested by google. A polygon enclosing the route leaving some (arbitrary) margin around the route may do the job.

Is it possible to do so using Google Maps v3 Javascript APIs? If you think the way I am thinking of is not appropriate, please suggest the most appropriate one.

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Is it possible to do so using Google Maps v3 Javascript APIs? YES. look at this developers.google.com/maps/documentation/directions –  allenhwkim Jan 23 at 18:22
and this, stackoverflow.com/questions/6522484/… –  allenhwkim Jan 23 at 18:28

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