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How can I set background image on button in WindowsFormsHost?

<WindowsFormsHost Name="wfbutton1" Width="200" Height="100" Background="White" Visibility="Visible" >
    <wf:Button Height="23" Left="145" Top="127" wf:Name="button1" Width="75" 
               Click="button1_Click" Visible="True" FlatStyle="Flat"
               BackgroundImage="C:\\Users\\Kvint\\Desktop\\Background.bmp" />
</WindowsFormsHost >
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I added the XAML code –  Dmitry Polishuk Jan 22 at 15:01
I can not link to image <wf:Button Name="button1" BackgroundImage = "С:\\Background.bmp"/> not working BackgroundImage ="/WpfApplication4;component/Images/Background.bmp" not working too –  Dmitry Polishuk Jan 22 at 15:05
i am use WinForms button by dint of WindowsFormsHost, WinForms button have property BackgroundImage. –  Dmitry Polishuk Jan 22 at 15:15
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Give your button a name like any other WPF element:

<WindowsFormsHost ... >
    <wf:Button x:Name="button1" ... />
</WindowsFormsHost >

Then reference that in the code-behind:

    = System.Drawing.Image.FromFile(@"C:\Users\Kvint\Desktop\Background.bmp");

If you're looking for a purely XAML approach, I'll leave that to someone else. I'm not sure it's even possible in this case.

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no i am not looking for a purely XAML approach button1.BackgroundImage = System.Drawing.Image.FromFile(@"C:\Users\Kvint\Desktop\Background.bmp"); not working. No error and no image –  Dmitry Polishuk Jan 22 at 15:58
Worked when I setup a sample project to test it. Double-check the location and name of your file. –  Grant Winney Jan 22 at 16:00
Thanks! It working –  Dmitry Polishuk Jan 22 at 16:15
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