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I'm trying to set up paging for a site I'm working on, I'm using a list view. I've done a lot of reading but nothing seems to make sense to me. below is the type of code query I am doing, I'm working in VB and oracle:

    <div class="listItemWrap">
        <div class="leadListItem">
            <div class="left leadListCol1 borderNone">
                <h3 class="upperCase"><%#Eval("lead_name")%></h3>
                <h3><%# Eval("leadcode")%></h3>
            <div class="left leadListCol2">
                <h3>EMAILS <span>
                    <asp:Image ID="EmailsTickCross" runat="server" ImageUrl="/Images/Layout/Tick.jpg" /></span></h3>
                <h3>CALLS <span>
                    <asp:Image ID="CallsTickCross" runat="server" ImageUrl="/Images/Layout/Cross.jpg" /></span></h3>
                <h3>POSTAL <span>
                    <asp:Image ID="PostalTickCross" runat="server" ImageUrl="/Images/Layout/Tick.jpg" /></span></h3>
            <div class="left leadListCol3">
                <h3>LATEST INSIGHT VISIT:</h3>
                <p class="upperCase"><%# CType(Eval("last_insight"), Date).ToString("dd-MMM-yy")%></p>
            <div class="left leadListCol4">
                <asp:Button ID="ActiveProfileBtn" CommandArgument='<%# Eval("leadcode")%>' runat="server" Text="VIEW PROFILE" CssClass="viewProfile right" />
                <h3>LATEST HPB ACTIVITY:</h3>
            <div class="clr"></div>
            <div class="leadListNotes">
                <p><%# GetNotes(Eval("leadcode"))%></p>


        Dim DT As New DataTable
        Dim oCnn As New OracleConnection(OracleConnectionString)
        Dim da As New OracleDataAdapter("select * from web_table", oCnn)
        Catch ex As Exception
        End Try

        ActiveLeadsListView.DataSource = DT

Any help with this would be great, I'm really stuck with this one. There are around 20000 rows so I definitely need paging.

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You can use ROW_NUMBER to assign a number to each row. And then filter on that column to only get rows 20 to 30 for example. –  Magnus Jan 22 at 15:15
So would you then just increase or decrease a parameter each time a button is clicked then run the query again with the new rows? something like that? –  huddds Jan 22 at 15:19
Yes, something like that. –  Magnus Jan 22 at 15:22

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