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There are a few Zookeeper equivalent projects written in Go. Etcd for instance.

Erlang could also be a lightweight ideal distributed key-value store for specific configuration sharing and service discovery purpose, using Mnesia for instance. Are there any Erlang equivalents of Zookeeper ?

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I am not aware of any directly usable implementation of Zookeeper in Erlang but there are implementations of the Zookeeper Atomic Broadcast (ZAB) protocol in erlang

  1. Extension of riak_core to use ZAB - riak_zab
  2. Standalone implementation of the protocol - zab_engine

Note that I have not used any of the above personally and do not know about the completeness or correctness of the implementation

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Consider the Raft protocol:

It is an Erlang implement of the Raft protocol which can be used to maintain consensus among a set of nodes.

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