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in the following code re-scaling of the square object goes wrong:
after clicking the button (which apply y-scale factor and make a rectangle out of our square) object displays correct BUT if you touch handles after that the previous scale values erase and square displays again.

I want to be able to make rectangle in a code and re-scale it uniformly using handles afterwards. How to solve this problem?

    <script src="scripts/raphael.js"></script>
    <script src="scripts/raphael.free_transform.js"></script>
    <button id="btn" onclick="onClick()">apply scale</button>
        var r = Raphael(100, 0 , 300, 400);
        var square = r.rect(100,150, 100, 100).attr({ fill: "#aaa", stroke: "black", opacity: 0.5 });

        var ft = r.freeTransform(square, {}, function () {});
            attrs: { fill: 'white', stroke: '#000' },
            drag: false,
            keepRatio: ['axisX', 'axisY'],
            size: 5,
            scale: ['axisX', 'axisY'],

        function onClick() {
            ft.attrs.scale.y = 2;


jsfiddle is here

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Is it possible to put it on a jsfiddle ? –  Ian Jan 23 at 10:04
@Ian, see the update to the question –  31415926 Jan 23 at 14:49
external resource from raw.github doesn't work i put it inside code see updated js fiddle jsfiddle.net/Z2cqT/1. It gives setOpts undefined error. other than that handles seems to work fine –  eguneys Jan 23 at 15:46
@eguneys, I repeat your trick with copying library to source code area but I have another error: jsfiddle.net/qvatra/Z2cqT/4 stupid... –  31415926 Jan 23 at 16:19
fixed jsfiddle issue –  31415926 Jan 24 at 12:23

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When you scale y by 2, it violates keepRatio: ['axisX', 'axisY'] rule. So either you change

`keepRatio: false,`

or you scale by keeping the ratio.


You can change the aspect ratio by ft.attrs.ratio = 1/2 on button click. see updated js fiddle

To get js.fiddle working i added the line r.setViewBox(0, 0, 300, 400, true); http://jsfiddle.net/Z2cqT/18/

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found this geekdave.com/2013/06/19/linking-raw-github-files-from-jsfiddle .it results in jsfiddle.net/qvatra/Z2cqT/10 still doesn't work but because of the another problem –  31415926 Jan 24 at 9:12
@Qvatra see edited answer. –  eguneys Jan 24 at 10:39
Yep. good work! But it doesn't solve my problem.. in this jsfiddle.net/qvatra/Z2cqT/17 you can first scale element in y direction using square handles and then scale uniformly using circle handles. It works, yes. BUT when I try to apply y scaling by pressing button and then touch circle handles the scale value erases. –  31415926 Jan 24 at 12:17
I don't understand what you really need, you can control scale by code and transform handles, maybe try this ft.attrs.scale.y = ft.attrs.scale.y * 2; –  eguneys Jan 24 at 12:55
I want quite simple functionality: 1) make rectangle out of square using button (applying scale to y) 2) be able to rescale this rectangle uniformly by dragging circle handles. try to do it in fiddle and you will see that when you start to drag circle handles, square appears again But i want to rescale rectangle –  31415926 Jan 24 at 13:44

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