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I created a simple map with two polygons (most of the code I got from the Interactive Choropleth Map tutorial). I added a L.control() to show information about the polygons in a div. Contrary to the tutorial, I would like to have this div displayed outside the map.

To get a clue what I mean please look here:

I'm pretty new to leaflet and javascript so it would be nice if anybody can help!

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I think Leaflet is styling the _div you return on the event handler so it appears as a popup. Just get the DIV you want to write into (by ID, not by Class) and edit it.

See jsfiddle here:

lines 103 and 110 of the JS, as well as some CSS and HTML tweaks. I think I changed some names.

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see updated fiddle here

document.getElementById("information").innerText =;
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