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My goal is want to give id for select element which is iteratively inside of {{each}} helper.

For example, first select should have id UDF_CHAR_1, second have UDF_CHAR_2, and goes on.

I am binding computed attribute to id property of select. In the computed attribute i am increasing counter. The problem is instead of assigning id iteratively, it assigns UDF_CHAR1 to all.

My guess is the computed attribute gets calculated once. It is not invoked each time inside of {{each}}.

Check it here : http://jsbin.com/OvUNaCOK/2/edit

Any solution to achieve this?

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why don't you use the model's property ?: <select name="test" {{bind-attr id=item.idTest}} multiple> –  fanta Jan 22 '14 at 17:44
OP, you are right. The computed property is only called one time, even in a loop. From the docs: The fullName function will be called once (regardless of how many times it is accessed) as long as it's dependencies have not been changed. Once firstName or lastName are updated any future calls (or anything bound) to fullName will incorporate the new values. emberjs.com/api/classes/Ember.ComputedProperty.html –  Matthew Blancarte Jan 22 '14 at 18:25
@fanta: Yes i can. But its not my requirement. My question is how to assign id to the element iteratively inside loop? –  Susai Jan 22 '14 at 19:04
Why do you need to generate the IDs like this? Usually you won't ever need to refer to the actual DOM element by ID when using Ember... –  c4p Jan 22 '14 at 20:16
I agree... I'm having trouble seeing why this is necessary. –  Matthew Blancarte Jan 22 '14 at 20:36

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You should create a new collection from the content of the ArrayController, that calculates the id for each item:

App.IndexController = Ember.ArrayController.extend({
    var content = this.get('content') || [];
    return content.map(function(item, index) {
      item.id = "UDF_CHAR" + (index + 1);
      return item;

Working fiddle: http://jsbin.com/EkitOgi/1/edit

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I have done the same as you said. I have another requirement i.e, In the actions i want to change model data say item.id. How can i access that property in the actions? –  Susai Jan 24 '14 at 7:25
@Susai You can pass parameters in the action helper: {{action "someMethod" param1 param2}}. So I guess in your case it would be {{action "testClick" item.id}}. –  Panagiotis Panagi Jan 24 '14 at 10:32
I have tried the same. Please check it and guide me. stackoverflow.com/questions/21330951/… –  Susai Jan 24 '14 at 11:02

I think most likely you do NOT want to be referencing the select elements using the id, and there is a much better way to accomplish what you are trying to do. If you update your question with what you are trying to accomplish or ask a new question maybe we can help solve the problem in a more "ember" way that fits better with the framework.

However, if you really want to do it you can use a computed property on the controller to update each item with the desired id for each select item:

annotatedItems: function() {
  return this.get('model').map(function(item, index, enumerable){
    item.id = "UDF_CHAR" + index;
    return item;

This uses the Array.map method to add an id field to each of the elements in your model array. You would then loop over this annotatedItems computed property using an {{#each}} helper, and the id element will be accessible as item.id in this example:

{{#each item in annotatedItems}}
  <select name="test" {{bind-attr id=item.id}} multiple>
  <button name="button" {{action 'testClick'}}>Click</button>

updated JSBin example

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Your answer fulfils my question.Thanks. Sorry, i agree my question is not to the point. I posted new question here stackoverflow.com/questions/21300703/… –  Susai Jan 23 '14 at 6:11
I have done the same as you said. I have another requirement i.e, In the actions i want to change model data say item.id. How can i access that property in the actions? –  Susai Jan 24 '14 at 7:25

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