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I am using

[scrollView_Mag setContentOffset:CGPointMake(320 * currentImageView, 0) animated:No];

so that I can scroll to a particular View(as required). In code "currentImageView" is the number of the view, I want to scroll.It is working perfectly. Only problem is, That for example i am 320*10 point and I want to setContent offset to 320*2, It scrolls from point 320*10 to 320*2, thus showing all other stuff. Which I dont want. I want It to scroll Immidately and without showing any other Content

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What is No? If you don't want it animated you need NO. –  rmaddy Jan 22 at 18:08
@rmaddy i tried yes, no both. But didnt work the way, I want –  Jeev Jan 22 at 18:10
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[scrollView_Mag setHidden:YES];
[scrollView_Mag setContentOffset:CGPointMake(320 * currentImageView, 0) animated:NO];
[scrollView_Mag setHidden:NO];

When you move the content offset:

 //Define this BOOL in header
 isManuallyScrolling = YES; 
 [scrollView_Mag setHidden:YES];
 [scrollView_Mag setContentOffset:CGPointMake(320 * currentImageView, 0) animated:NO];

//Use the scrollView delegate method to see when it stopped scrolling
- (void)scrollViewDidEndDecelerating:(UIScrollView *)scrollView {

    //If we manually scrolled, unhide the scrollView
    if (isManuallyScrolling) {
        [scrollView_Mag setHidden:NO];
        isManuallyScrolling = NO;
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it too, didn't work. I tried it. It should have worked, Like I need. But It didn't. :( –  Jeev Jan 22 at 18:49
@Jeev I've updated my answer –  random Jan 22 at 18:55
thats a very good trick. I tried, it after reading your answer but the problem is It makes the scrolView permannetly hidden. i.e "- (void)scrollViewDidEndDecelerating:(UIScrollView *)scrollView" is never called –  Jeev Jan 22 at 19:12
@PiyushMishra Sir can you help me with this problem? I will be very thankful to you –  Jeev Jan 22 at 19:23
Any other hint, suggestion . will be greatful –  Jeev Jan 22 at 19:29
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