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I am building a test suite in Cakephp using its built in test framework. I am running into the following issue. I have a controller method that when executed makes use of both GET and POST data. I know that to simulate GET data via a test you can easily include that as followed:

$result = $this->testAction('/api/checkuser/', array('data' => $data, 'method' => 'get');

The same thing can be done for POST as followed:

$result = $this->testAction('/api/currentuser/', array('data' => $data, 'method' => 'post');

But I'm not sure how I would use both together. Does anyone know how to send POST and GET data to a given test. Thanks to anyone that can help.

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what about $this->testAction('/api/checkuser/10', array('data' => $data, 'method' => 'post') ? So you are sending the user id through get and the rest with POST – cornelb Jan 23 '14 at 7:04
@cornelb That sounds like what I'll have to do. Good idea. – usumoio Jan 23 '14 at 13:14

I have never had to send both GET and POST data and the same time, but if you can I imagine it would be something like.

$result = $this->testAction('/api/currentuser/', array('data' => $data, 'method' => array('post', 'get'));

Hope this helps.

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