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In Perl, I would like to determine if a given string is valid, the rule is to check if values exist between commas.

e.g. abc,abc is a valid case, but abc, or abc,,abc are not.

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So no 2 commas in a row? –  nhahtdh Jan 22 '14 at 18:45
Just to be clear, is abc,def valid? And what about numbers, is 123,456 valid? –  p.s.w.g Jan 22 '14 at 18:45
Is ,skfd valid? –  nhahtdh Jan 22 '14 at 18:46
abc,def is valid. 123,456 is also valid. (as long as it is not a comma). ,skfd is not. –  Kun Xia Jan 22 '14 at 19:03
Show the Perl code that you've written. –  toolic Jan 22 '14 at 19:10

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matches all invalid combinations, assuming whitespace does not count as "values".

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