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I have a Rails app that searches a static set of documents, and I need to figure out the best way to cache result sets. I can't just use the native ActiveRecord caching.

My situation:

I'm using the will_paginate gem, and at the moment, the query is running every time the user changes pages. Some queries are too complex for this to be responsive, so I need to cache the results, at least during an individual session. Also, the user may have multiple tabs open, running separate queries simultaneously. The document set is static; the size of the set is on the order of tens of thousands of documents.

Why straight-forward ActiveRecord caching won't work:

The user can search the contents of the documents, or search based on metadata restrictions (like a date range), or both. The metadata for each document is stored in an ActiveRecord, so those criteria are applied with an ActiveRecord query.

But if they add a search term for the document content, I run that search using a separate FastCGI application, because I'm doing some specialized search logic. So, I pass the term & the winnowed-down document list to the FastCGI application, which responds with the final result list. Then I do another ActiveRecord query: where("id IN (?)',returnedIds)

By the way, it's these FastCGI searches that are sometimes complex enough to be unresponsive.

My thoughts:

There's the obvious-to-a-newbie approach: I can use the metadata restrictions plus the search term as a key; they're already stored in a hash. They'd be paired up with the returnedIds array. And this guide at mentions the cache stores that are available. But it's not clear to me which store is best, and I'm also assuming there's a gem that's better for this.

I found the gem memcached, but it's not clear to me whether it would work for caching the results of my FastCGI request.

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