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after switching over to a new computer I had to install SmartGIT for Windows again and now try to clone my fedorahosted.org-repository. Keys are stored C:/User/myusername/.ssh, SmartGIT comes with a clean installation and URL for cloning my repository is correct - unfortunately SmartGIT does NOT ask for the key, it just tries to connect to fedorahosted.org but then of course fails.

So...what could be wrong here? Where do I have to place my ssh keys so that SmartGIT finds and uses it?

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Also try to configure System SSH client in the SmartGit preferences. –  mstrap Jan 22 '14 at 19:41
@mstrap: thanks, that was the solution! –  Elmi Jan 22 '14 at 19:59

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Was facing the same problem, as Smart Git wouldn't ask me for the SSH key location when trying to clone a repo (instead, the process would just hang..).

Steps to resolve (on Windows):

  1. Copy ssh keys to C:/Users/MyUserName/.ssh (as they were in a different location before after generation)
  2. Clone the repository in Smart Git again, now after specifying the repository URL, it DID ask for the SSH key location (this dialog was not shown before!)
  3. Select the SSH private key (which has been converted with e.g. Putty Keygen to an OpenSSH compatible format)
  4. Voila, cloning works!

PS: I agree Smart Git's behavior above was weird here, as it would only let u select the key location, if the keys are in the .ssh folder specified above

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