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I have a little driver that is handling a gpio that when enabled should tell the system to sleep/wake when a button is pressed. If its held down it should power off.

On WinCE there is a very easy to use mechanism (SetSystemPowerState) but there doesn't appear to be something similar on linux.

We also don't have dbus...

update: I may have found the answer

Shutdown (embedded) linux from kernel-space

Though it doesn't really say how to sleep but i think I'll be able to figure the rest out. This doesn't seem like the proper way to handle a linux kernel driver since the module is built into the kernel. It doesn't appear that I have all the power states available to switch to without adding packages outside of the kernel.

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If you find an answer to your own question, it's best if you post it as an answer, rather than an update to your question. That way, the system, search engines and people would know that the question is answered. You can later also accept your own answer. –  Shahbaz Jan 23 '14 at 14:22
I wouldn't really consider it a good or complete answer. Its not really telling me how to change power states, its a generic way to call commands on a user command line. And I have no program in our platform that will set the sleep state. I'm still looking for a more complete answer. I posted a link to an answer that I feel is more of a dirty work around. –  Kevin Jan 23 '14 at 18:17

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