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Using Typescript with Telerik's Kendo UI, I am at a bit of an impasse when it comes to how to properly define objects with a type of a widget.

For instance, if I want to declare a kendoEditor, I normally do the following...

var elements = {
   description: {}

elements.description = $('#description').kendoEditor({
   // options

elements.description.refresh(); // this is a function of kendo editor.

This works fine in normal javascript, but in typescript I am told that elements.description is not a type of kendo.ui.Editor. So I try to do it that way ...

var elements = { description: kendo.ui.Editor = null };

elements.description = $('#description').kendoEditor({ // options }).data("kendoEditor");

This works fine in the compiler, but at run time it says that it cannot assign it to null. But if I do not put = null, then it will not compile.

Can anyone express to me the correct way to do this? Additionally, any does not seem to be accepted either.

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You can use a type assertion :

var elements = { 
    description: <kendo.ui.Editor>{} // notice type assertion <>
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