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I want to calculate for example 257^150 but matlab shows until 257^126. I want to find the exponent "x" in order to compute the modulus. For example the power which gives (257^x mod 1009) = 369. Thanks.

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Doing your calculation at 257^126 is wrong as well. At 257^126 your floating point precision is above 10^287, you require less than one. –  Daniel Jan 22 at 20:50

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Think about the problem and how you would solve it. You know hat mod(x,42) is 23. What is the remainder of 7*x? Its mod(7*42,23)

Put into code:

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Thanks a lot for the help. I would like to ask something more. Why the pow function "^" it can't calculate numbers with big exponent? –  2Chri Jan 22 at 22:19
The double precision floating point format only allows numbers within a certain range. This is the default format in matlab. Additionally, there is a precisions loss. Check eps realmax and realmin in the documentation and the wikipedia article about floating point for the basics. For more details: docs.oracle.com/cd/E19957-01/806-3568/ncg_goldberg.html –  Daniel Jan 22 at 22:38
@2-Chri: If you really want the number you'll need to use symbolic or variable precision math: sym(257)^126 or vpa(257)^126. –  horchler Jan 22 at 23:14

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