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So here are my models:

user.rb: has_one :interview_slot

interview_slot.rb: belongs_to :user

An interview_slot has a start_time, an end_time, and a available boolean.

Say, for instance, that I have already generated a list of 20 interview_slot instances, and all I want to do is let my users choose 1 of them from a dropdown box.

I first check whether a user already has an interview slot:

@interview_slot = find_interview_slot(@rushee)

  def find_interview_slot(user)
    return InterviewSlot.find_by(user_id:

If @interview_slot is nil, then I want to display a list of all of the interview slots that are still available in a dropdown box, and I want the user to be able to select one of the interview slots, hit submit, and have the specified InterviewSlot be associated to the User. My question is, how do I write the form that will do this? I'm only familiar with calling something like and calling form_for like: form_for(@interview_slot) do |f|, but obviously I don't want to build a new interview_slot in this situation, I just want to associate existing interview_slots with users.

Any insight? Thanks.

EDIT: I also have an instance variable that is a collection of all InterviewSlots that are not yet associated with a user: @available_slots = InterviewSlot.where(user_id: nil); I just don't know how to make the form that lets a user choose a single slot from this collection and associates the slot with the user.


I have this code right now:

    <%= form_for(@interview_slot) do |f| %>

      <% slots_for_select = {}
        @available_slots.each do |slot|
          slots_for_select[slot.start_time.strftime("%a. %D | %l:%M %p")] = slot
        end %>

      <%= select_tag(:interview_slot, options_for_select(slots_for_select)) %>

      <%= f.submit "Schedule Interview", class: "btn btn-sm" %>

    <% end %>

This gives me a dropdown box of all available interview slots, but the problem is, once again, that @interview_slot is set equal to in the controller -- how do I make it just update the selected interview_slot with the @user's id instead of creating a new interview_slot?

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1 Answer 1

# interview_slots_controller.rb

def update
  interview_slot = InterviewSlot.find(params[:interview_slot_id])
  interview_slot.user_id =
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