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I have the following codes:

element :header_upgrade_subscription, :xpath, "//a[text()='Upgrade subscription']"
element :header_change_subscription, :xpath, "//a[text()='Change subscription']"

if header_upgrade_subscription.visible?
  change_subscription = header_upgrade_subscription 
  change_subscription = header_change_subscription 

The problem is if header_upgrade_subscription doesn't exist, it just fails with:

Capybara::ElementNotFound Exception: Unable to find xpath "//a[text()='Upgrade subscription']"

I know that in Capybara, you can do:

(rdb:1) first(:xpath, "//a[text()='Upgrade subscription']")

and it would return nil if it doesn't exist. How would I use "first" method against the SitePrism element? This is what I get:

(rdb:1) first(header_upgrade_subscription)
Capybara::ElementNotFound Exception: Unable to find xpath "//a[text()='Upgrade subscription']"

I like using the "first" method as it has no wait time if the element doesn't exist.

Thanks for your help!

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if has_header_upgrade_subscription? && header_upgrade_subscription.visible?
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That worked! Thanks, Matt! –  jp777 Jan 22 at 23:10

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