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I want to redirect my browser to a PHP page such that when the page loads, it will display to the user a substring of the current URL.

For example, let's say I have a page called substring.php.

My browser forwards me to:


Is it possible to write some PHP code that will then display to the user, "123456"?

If so, can anyone help me on how to do this?


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  echo $_GET['oauth_token'];
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All the query parameters in the URL will be inside the superglobal $_GET array, so you could simply do this:

echo $_GET['oauth_token'];

BE forewarned that if you're going to output anything that comes in from a URL (ie. user input), you should make sure to sanitize it properly for output. In this case, htmlspecialchars() would be prudent:

echo htmlspecialchars($_GET['oauth_token']);
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Or you could just validate $_GET['oauth'] which looks like it should be a ^[0-9]+$ –  Bobby Jack Jan 25 '10 at 0:02
Yes, you could. I wouldn't trust them to not change the OAuth specs in the future to include hashes, but you could always read the docs to determine what it should be at the moment. –  zombat Jan 25 '10 at 0:08

Can't you just use the $_GET superglobal? It stores the contents of the query string part of the URI as an associative array:

echo $_GET['oauth_token'];
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You can retrieve the value of oauth_token via the $_GET superglobal array:

echo $_GET['oauth_token'];

Of course you should use caution when outputting data you get as input from a user, but that's how it works in short.

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