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Although I've managed a few SharePoint sites over the last few years, I've never built one from the ground up.

I'm putting together a Wiki currently, and I'm having trouble structuring it how I'd like.

The top level page should link to different areas of the Wiki (ex. 'Books', 'Movies', 'Games'). Each of these second level pages should have a few links pertaining to that subject.

The problem is that every site I create seems to default to a top level page and I can't figure out how to get a hierarchy set up. I assume it's possible, because when I edit the navigation settings (in "Site Settings") I have the option of auto-populating navigation with a list of the current page's subsites. I thought re-organizing the "Pages" library with folders might work, but no luck.

Is there a way to assign parent or children pages? Have I been looking at it wrong - should I have a normal SharePoint site with links to each of my second level wikis?

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