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in dos, i would run the following command

simread31 file.sim

and the program would ask me for 9 inputs.

Now, i'd like to do it in perl. I know i can combine echo with system in order for one input, but how to do it for more than one?

many thanks

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The reason you're having trouble doing this with system() is that it's the wrong tool for the job. If you open(my $fh, '|-', 'simread31', 'file.sim') you'll be able to print or say your input to the child program's STDIN.

I'm not at my machine right now so that syntax is from memory. perldoc perlopen should provide more detail.


As Windows does not implement the list form of the piped open, you should use something like this: open(my $fh, '|-', "simread3.exe $sim_file")

Piping input directly from Perl will often be more efficient than opening, writing, closing, piping via system(), and then cleaning up an external file.

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Hello, many thanks for your answer. Because I am working on a Windows machine, I cannot use the list for open. I have succeeded with system and an auxiliary file prepared some steps earlier: system ( "simread3.exe $sim_file <simread3_input.txt" ) ; –  Alex Caseiro Jan 23 '14 at 12:29
Updated my answer. –  tjd Jan 23 '14 at 18:33

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