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I have a factory bean that produces List. But I call this factory multiple times meaning I end up with a lot of beans of type List.

I have another bean that has a property of type List. Somehow I need to put all the List beans in to one single list and provide it as a property using Spring XML.

How do I do this?

<bean id="usefulBean" class="...">
    <property name="listProperty" ref="listX1AndX2AndX3AndSoOn">

<bean id="listX1" factory-bean="anInstanceFactory" factory-method="create">

<bean id="listX2" factory-bean="anInstanceFactory" factory-method="create">

<bean id="listX3" factory-bean="anInstanceFactory" factory-method="create">
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No, that's a different problem. They want to branch a list, I want to extend it. –  Chaos Jan 23 at 17:52
I mean I want to add to it. –  Chaos Jan 23 at 18:18
Maybe that question sounds a bit different but answers to it describe several approaches that you may find helpful, for example stackoverflow.com/a/12760854/546117. There is another very similar question stackoverflow.com/q/14520536/546117 –  Eugene Evdokimov Jan 23 at 19:28
Those answers indicate it's not possible without creating an external bean to do it for you (which is what I did in the end). Thanks –  Chaos Jan 23 at 21:55

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