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I am using all annotated version of springmvc and I have a class where I have scheduled a method to be run every 5 seconds. However, it doesnt seem to be firing.

I have created a package to be scanned when the app fires up and I have declared the class in the following way:

public class WebAppConfig extends WebMvcConfigurerAdapter {

My class and cron: @Component public class DemoServiceBasicUsageCron {

//@Scheduled(cron="*/1 * * * * ?")
public void demoServiceMethod()
    System.out.println("Method executed at every 5 seconds. Current time is :: ");

The package is scanned when the app starts: DEBUG DefaultListableBeanFactory:463 - Finished creating instance of bean 'demoServiceBasicUsageCron'

and another debug log: DEBUG BeanNameUrlHandlerMapping:86 - Rejected bean name 'demoServiceBasicUsageCron': no URL paths identified

When I load the app in eclipse I dont see anything in the console.

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You have to annotate your Configuration class with @EnableScheduling

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Thank you JakubK. That was easy and its working now. I really appreciate this. –  user1647708 Jan 22 '14 at 23:11

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