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I can't get it to work it just does nothing. I'm using Image_Canvas PEAR package on shared hosting it works but I can't crop image.

My syntax is:

$Canvas->setClipping(array('x0' => 10, 'y0' => 10, 'x1' => 200, 'y1' => 200));

Any ideas?

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I am not that familiar with Image_Canvas PEAR package, but I have tried it just now and found that setClipping will work if you add a second call to the same method without any parameters!

$Canvas =& Image_Canvas::factory((isset($_GET['canvas']) ? $_GET['canvas'] : 'png'), array('width' =>500, 'height' => 333, 'filename' => 'yourImage.jpg'));
$Canvas->setClipping(array('x0' => 10, 'y0' => 10, 'x1' => 200, 'y1' => 200));
$Canvas->image(array('x' => 0, 'y' => 0, 'filename' => './yourImage.jpg'));
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