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How to redirect a url to another website url on iis 8 ? I tried using http redirect and even url rewriting/ redirecting , but it was not working . At the same time the default website is redirecting to any site when i change the setting on http redirection option of default wabsite.

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Which language? What have you tried? What error / result do you get? You need to provide more info (i.e. example of what you did). –  robnick Jan 22 at 23:56
I want to redirect a url to spiceworks user portal ,using iis 8 , windows server 2012 . But wen i did http redirecting option , it didnt work. its was giving a connection time out error.... but the default website on iis is getting redirected... –  user3225692 Jan 24 at 0:19
i did http redirection on iis and it was not redirecting ... it gave connection time out message... i just need to redirect a given url to a user portal that i have created on spiceworks. –  user3225692 Jan 27 at 22:53

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