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I don't know how to run my Android applications (built with Delphi XE5) in a step-by-step debug mode.
How to do this?

Following information may be helpfull:

  • Build configuration is Debug;
  • Apps are executing on a real device;
  • I've tried to place breakpoints, and Run, and Step Over, and Run to cursor - it seems nothing works!


  • System is MIUI, device is from Lenovo (with NEON support);
  • Delphi XE5 upd2 (Trial);
  • USB debugging (now) is turned on;
  • Apps built with Android Studio are debugged fine.

UPD 2:

  • I use ADB Over WiFi to connect to device; (irrelevant)
  • I've tried to explicitly specify the app for debugging and turn on Wait for debugger in the settings - app freezes at the start with a message "Waiting for Debugger";
  • Device is visible in adb devices, in Android Target list in the Project Manager, and sample apps run fine; just without debugging!
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It works fine for me, although the debugger sometimes causes an exception. I never use the emulator for development. Have you turned on the debugging options on your device? (Settings->Developer Options->Debugging, check USB Debugging in Jelly Bean and KitKat). –  Ken White Jan 23 at 0:38
@KenWhite, I've turned on the debugging options, but still it doesn't work. IDE layout changes to Debug for a moment and then backs to Default. Now I guess that device/OS is buggy. –  naXa Jan 23 at 1:03
Can you actually run a blank application on your device? Can you see it in the Project Manager Targets under Android? Have you made that the target? I'd start with this wiki page, and make sure you've followed all the steps up to (and including) running your app on the device, and then running one of the sample apps in the Samples\MobileCodeSnippets (available from the XE5 folder in your start menu) to see if it can be debugged. I have a Galaxy S3 and a Nexus 7 tablet, and both work fine. –  Ken White Jan 23 at 1:12
@KenWhite, thank you for sharing your experience! I know now that not everyone has problems with debug:) Updated question. –  naXa Jan 23 at 1:42
Sorry, but I don't have any experience with ADB/WiFi debugging. (I don't really have a need to do so, because USB is so simple to use; it's not an issue for me to be tethered with a cable during development.) –  Ken White Jan 23 at 1:56

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