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I have mysql database replication setup at master-slave mode. It has mysqlfailover configured for Automatic replication health monitoring and failover. It means once the master is down it will failover to the slave available.

In application side, how should I config the JDBC to do the failover correctly? For example, On the JDBC side, should I keep these two mysql configuration information, and once connection problem for master, I switch to other mysql instance?

I saw a flaw in above algorithm. The connection problem to the master doesn't mean the master failed, it could be the network problem etc while the master is active in reality. If I write the data into slave, then it cause data in-consistency since this data will not replicated back to master.

Any idea how to do it reliable? For example, Can Mysql API know the mysql instance I am running is master or slave?

Thanks a lot for your reply.

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