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I was wondering if it is possible to write a std::tie()-like function (using template programming) that can bind select components of a tuple only, and bind others to some placeholders like those in std::bind(). If so, one needs only declare variables for the parts he/she is interested in.

For example,

std::tie(x,_1,y,_2) = (2,3,4,5);
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It's not allowed to add anything to the std namespace or change anything within. –  John Dibling Jan 23 at 3:59
@JohnDibling std::hash<my_class> would like a word with you. –  Yakk Jan 23 at 20:14
@Yakk: I take it back. You can add template specializations. –  John Dibling Jan 23 at 20:58
@JohnDibling for types dependent on user-defined types only, I believe. (No int or std::pair<int,int> specializations) –  Yakk Jan 24 at 0:35
@Yakk litb specializes std::iterator_traits for color in namespace std, so this should be ok right? I mean is this the natural way of doing these things? or are there any caveats? –  Koushik Jan 24 at 4:04

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Are you looking for std::ignore?


std::tie(x,std::ignore,y,std::ignore) = std::make_tuple(2,3,4,5);
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thanks! It's good to know. –  Ting L Jan 23 at 4:21

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