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How can I call a class method from a model in a view helper. Basically the view shows the search results based on a list of type ids passed to the action. But on the view instead of the search ids, I want to show the description of those products instead of ids.

User selects the products ids from the select box on a view -> controller action selects the orders having that products ids -> Result view has the order details but on top of the screen product description has to be displayed from a lookup table which has id and description. Now when I try to access the product description in a helper method I get a

uninitialized constant DownloadHelper::MetaProductType exception.

I know we can call helper method in model but how to call a model method in helper?

Product model is as

class MetaProductType < ActiveRecord::Base

    def self.get_product_type_description type_list
            where('lower(product_type) in (?)', type_list).select('product_description')


And helper method is :

module DownloadHelper

    def print_hash(hash)

        return_str = ''
        return return_str if hash.nil?

        hash.each_pair do |key, value|
        key_arr = key.split('_')

        return_str = return_str + key_arr.join(' ').capitalize
        return_str = return_str + ' : ' 

        if key.downcase.include? 'product'

            #print product type descriptions
            arr = value.split(',')
            value = MetaProductType.get_product_type_description value


        return_str = return_str + '<br />'


    return (return_str)

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Hi please add code for helper and model – Sherwyn Goh Jan 23 '14 at 3:45
Hi please edit question, put your code into the question and format it as per stack overflow conventions ( 4 spaces indent ) – Sherwyn Goh Jan 23 '14 at 4:17
Are you sure value = MetaProductType.get_product_type_description value is being executed? Does it throw an error? – Sergio A. Jan 23 '14 at 4:30
Is this helper is located in helpers directory? – Ahmad Hussain Jan 23 '14 at 4:48
Please add the web server console output when you try to execute this. – Beartech Jan 23 '14 at 5:34

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Was going to write as a comment, but it will be easier here:


Could be wrong, but I think the problem is with your passing of arguments to your class method

Why not try this:

class MetaProductType < ActiveRecord::Base
    def self.get_product_type_description(type_list)
            where('lower(product_type) in (?)', type_list).select('product_description')

value = MetaProductType.get_product_type_description(value)

Another problem could be you're self-referencing the value var in your helper? Why not rename it so you're not using the same variable

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